Are You Really Healthy?

Are you really healthy? Do you feel you’re healthy because you passed your latest physical? You may not be as healthy as you think you are or were told you are.

We’re told what to eat and how much to eat by the government. Doctors and medical practitioners enforce these government sanctioned beliefs and practices, even if todays science tells another story. Though today there are a few medical practitioners that are breaking from the “official” science and spreading truth; despite the results of being shamed and outcast by others in their field. Fact is, no matter how well we eat, there are nutritional flaws that cause side effects; such as weight gain, memory loss, poor sleep, and low energy. We need properly formulated supplements to fill in these nutritional gaps so our bodies can function the way there meant to.

We are the most advanced we have been in modern history. We understand so much about the human body, nutrition, and what we need to be healthy. So, why is it that known diseases are on the rise, new diseases have been popping up over the past 70yrs, and people are remaining sicker longer?

The sad reality is that illness is money. Cancer alone is a multi-billion dollar industry. Corporations, and their political cohorts, are profiting from our ailments. If they were to heal us, they would go out of business. And don’t think they don’t know cures exist. Politicians, governments, and corporations all hold patents on several plants with medicinal properties, and other natural remedies. Several individuals all around the world have been threatened, shutdown, or “found dead” because of natural cures they discovered and tried putting the information out there.

We largely get our nutrition from the foods we eat. Our body needs these nutrients to work properly. Too little or too much could be detrimental to our physical health. With physical health in decline, usually our financial, mental, occupational, and spiritual health all follow. Today there is a rise in many chronic diseases and mental illnesses due to the lack of nutritious diets.

Think about it. How often do you eat out? How many times a week do you consume a microwaveable meal? These meals may provide you with the government recommended calorie intake, but these meals are seriously lacking in nutritious benefit. If you consume synthetic foods (McDonald’s or Kraft products for example), how likely is it that any nutrients in the food are organic as opposed to synthetic? Chances are, just as found in low-quality supplement brands, the nutrients are synthetic and not able to be absorbed and used by our body. The result? An empty diet. We feel full, but our body is being destroyed as it tries to break down synthetics and feeds off chemicals. In turn, our body begins to attack itself and shutdown.

Over the years, as society became more dependent on quick microwave meals and fast food, as big corporations monopolized farms and food supplies, we began consuming less and less nutritious foods. This bred the perfect grounds for diseases to flourish. Not to mention our soil isn’t as nutrient rich as it once was, and is continuing to be destroyed by GMO seeds being planted in more and more farms. These GMO seeds are nothing more than a trojan horse promising great things but in all reality sneaking in destruction.

Have you ever asked yourself, why people who have had a clean bill of health their whole lives all of a sudden come down with cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or some other chronic illness? Have you ever wondered why people who develop a problem and given a single medication wind up with twenty problems and countless number of pills throughout the day?

This is because we are healthy according to the government standard, which ensures we are healthy enough to live and go to work so we can pay our taxes, but at the same time unhealthy enough that they’ll continue to profit off us (through our illness) after we retire. Official health standards is a ticking time-bomb of any number of diseases, based on what you are genetically pre-disposed to. In my families case, I’m genetically pre-disposed to Parkinson’s disease and I’m doing everything in my power to avoid it from activating in my future. I just recently lost my grandfather to Parkinson’s Disease. He was a good man; no one should have to suffer the way he did.

When the first issue develops, doctors prescribe a pharmaceutical that covers up the symptoms without actually treating the cause. In the process, this creates additional issues that require additional medication. And on the cycle goes. They are paid by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe their medications. They are paid by the government to preach the “official” health standards.

The few doctors who speak the truth, stick with them. Support them. There are far too few breaking free from the healthy-ill dictatorship. These few not only see the truth, but they see where it’s going, and they haven’t forgotten why they became doctors in the first place – to help people. And they are standing up to Big Pharma, the government, and the rest of their field.

All we are, are a bunch of slaves to the system. We’re kept healthy enough to go to work so we can pay our taxes. Then the time-bomb goes off and we get sick. They keep us alive just long enough to drain us and our loved ones of every cent they can. At which point the medication fails, or life support is turned off, or treatment is stopped. This isn’t life, it is modern serfdom. We aren’t healthy, we are a ticking time-bomb of illness.

There has also been an increase in children born with various ailments such as autism. It has also been proven vaccines cause autism and mental illness. There are several studies that show you are actually more at risk to get sick from a vaccination than not being vaccinated at all. And yet laws are in place stating your child can’t go to school unless they’re vaccinated, with the argument vaccines work. Now, if vaccines work, how exactly is an un-vaccinated child affecting a vaccinated child?

Take a look around. How many people visibly look physically or mentally ill? Now ask your parents and grand-parents how many people were visibly physically or mentally ill in their daily lives when they were younger (20’s, 30’s). If they noticed anyone, I can guarantee it was a fraction of what’s seen today. Right down to the common cold and flu.

Disease has become a way of life. That in and of itself is sick (pun intended). I have lifelong physical ailments (arthritis) and mental (depression, anxiety). If you don’t, someone close to you does. So I ask you, how healthy are you really?

This may all sound like some crazy conspiracy theory. But in recent years, how many conspiracy theories have proven to be conspiracy fact? Likewise, many would claim we are in fact healthy today because of advancements in medical science. Without these advancements, most people would be toothless, crippled, are die young of one disease or another. Many mothers-to-be may have even died in childbirth without our modern medical advancements. This fact, however, begs the question of WHY would this happen to so many people? WHY would we perish as a species when our ancestors, who didn’t have this technology or medical knowledge, did not suffer nearly as much as we do today? The answer is simple: nutrition.

They had proper nutrition from their foods. They did not have greedy and corrupt governments and corporations engineering their food to purposefully make them sick with the very intent of profiting off of our ailments.

The fact is, even when we’re healthy, we’re not healthy. We are all ticking time-bombs Big Pharma is waiting to go off so they can start profiting off our illnesses they themselves gave us. Unfortunately for them, we can fight back. And many have already begun.
You can fight back by

  • spreading the truth,
  • boycotting GMO foods and the companies who produce them and the corporations who own the companies,
  • consume only non-GMO and organic foods
  • use plant-based, chemical free, household cleaners
  • use quality, non-GMO dietary supplements to give your body the nutrients it can’t get from your diet
  • only go to doctors who have a track record of speaking truth about Big Pharma and uses alternatives to treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

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