STOP Vaccinating And Using Antibiotics! Your Health Depends On It!

Every time a new disease or strain of flu arises, all we hear is how vital it is to get the vaccination. Many jurisdictions also have laws requiring children have certain vaccinations to be permitted into school. Likewise, when we fall ill, we are prescribed antibiotics for our illness or infection. But is it necessary?

Let me ask you a question. If vaccines work the way they are said to, why is your un-vaccinated child deemed a threat to other children? Likewise, if vaccinations are supposed to be a good thing, why does the law dictate children must be vaccinated in order to enter into school? It doesn’t make any sense, now does it?

I highly recommend you avoid antibiotics and vaccinations. If you have children and can’t find a school that will accept them without vaccinations, have them home-schooled. By doing so, you just might be saving your families lives in a very literal sense.


Antibiotics are the #1 way society kills illness and infections. But is it really necessary? Are the antibiotics doing the job and the job alone, or are they doing much more?

Antibiotics have been used so widely, and are largely over-used, because they do work. However, they also cause microbial-resistance. In other words, these bacteria become resistant to the antibiotics. This breeds what’s been called “superbugs”. Antibiotics also destroy white blood cells and our bodies naturally occuring good bacteria that our bodies use as a natural defense against illness and infection. The loss of white blood cells and good bacteria can have adverse health effects, either immediate or in the future.

Antibiotics can also cause growth of bad bacteria, other infections, and allergic reactions that may not be easy to spot. Several antibiotics are identified as “high” risk for inducing Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) or Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS); which are severe adverse cutaneous drug reactions that predominantly involve the skin and mucous membranes. Put simply, TEN and SJS is when a drug causes your skin to fall off.

Inside of us, we are full of trillions of microbes. Some are more populous than others. The less populous microbes are harder to detect, and may vary from person to person based on ancestry. Antibiotics, while killing the invading infection, also kills these microbes. Which makes us more susceptible to invading bacteria during and immediately after usage. Now let’s say you have a small population of a rare microbe that extends back to your ancestry. What happens if this microbe happens to be crucial for digestive purposes when eating certain foods or newer foods to extract the proper nutrients, and the antibiotic kills off your bodies population? When you need to eat a newer food, your body will not only not be able to extract the nutrients, but it also won’t be able to fight any bad bacteria or toxins the food contains.

There are many reports that speak of a coming post-antibiotic era, where antibiotics will no longer be able to fight infections. However, despite this, antibiotics are still being prescribed in abundance. In some cases, these antibiotics do cause another infection where yet another antibiotic is prescribed to fight the infection caused by the first antibiotic. And now reports are stating that as much as 30% of antibiotic prescriptions are inappropriately (or unnecessarily) prescribed.

Some say we are already in a post-antibiotic era as millions already fall ill every year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, thousands of which die due to these infections. And yet antibiotic use is still heavy. Our over-use of antibiotics sped up a seemingly normal evolution of bacteria. However, at the rate new strains of bacteria is emerging, we are in real danger of a plague. Our bodies good bacteria and our immune systems haven’t been able to change at the same rate as the bad bacteria, meaning more people will fall ill and more will die than would have happened if we never used, or over-used, antibiotics in the first place.

Even if you personally don’t use, or over-use antibiotics, you are still at risk of falling ill to these emerging superbugs. Antibiotics are used in farming, which means we are consuming antibiotics in trace amounts in the food we eat. It has also been discovered that antibiotics make it through treatment facilities, which means antibiotic-laced water is finding it’s way back into the environment and into your tap.
Likewise, Big Pharma isn’t studying new forms of antibiotics because it’s not profitable. The last form of antibiotic was created in 1987. So, the world which relied on chemicals to fight disease, is now out of it’s chemical arsenal. Superbugs will continue to emerge and grow in population with seemingly no end in sight.

While Big Pharma doesn’t feel it worthwhile to look into newer antibiotics due to lack of profit, the governments and medical institutions of the world have, for an entire century, suppressed the natural cures that can very effectively kill superbugs. Natural remedies like colloidal silver, aloe vera, garlic, medicinal herbs and high-potency nutritional therapies have been attacked, censored and criminalized.

This leaves us, the people, with the assumption that we can’t do anything but die. And this may be exactly what they want us to believe. They may even use these antibiotic-resistant superbugs as the scapegoat for a medical system that is largely flawed and failing. Not once mentioning that the whole reason for these superbugs, and our dying young becoming the new normal, was caused by the combination of the medical system being flipped upside down and all the toxins being fed to us in our foods, water, and prescriptions.

Naturally, if “anti” biotics are the problem, then “pro” biotics are the solution. Antibiotic comes from latin meaning against (anti) life (biotic). So if antibiotic is “against life”, probiotic would therefore be “for life”. Probiotics are good bacteria that helps fight the bad bacteria and is found in many yogurts, health shakes, etc. To help fight, and prevent, infections, probiotics should be consumed as part of your diet. But be sure the product you choose is made by an independently owned brand, and is non-GMO or organic. I recommend Thrive Lifestyle Mix, which is a non-GMO shake full of necessary probiotics and prebiotics.


Just as antibiotics are harmful for your health, so are many vaccinations. Big Pharma uses the equation flu season + flu vaccine + big scare + advertisements = Profits to profit off the general population to get the population to get vaccinations we not only don’t need, but are increasing the chances of us actually getting sick. Many vaccines contain levels of mercury and aluminum. Aluminum can cause cancers and Alzheimers, and is also found in many anti-perspirants. Some vaccines may also contain chemicals that translate out to detergents, spermicides, and anti-freeze, as well as formaldehyde, animal tissue, and human tissue.

Aside from Dementia and Alzheimers, vaccines could cause ADD/ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, and a slew of other illnesses. If you have an auto-immune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or Diabetes, the vaccines are actually making you more susceptible to more severe illnesses. Information stating this by medical professionals and medical journals has been increasing in recent years, and yet mainstream media still pushes everyone must get vaccinated for everything under the sun.

Vaccinations also suppress the immune systems of young children (notice the increase in Diabetes, Autism, and other illnesses over the past few decades?) and worsen the immunity of the elderly (take notice of the increase of early deaths and rise in Dementia and Alzheimers cases).

There is ample evidence that proves the government and Big Pharma are knowingly injecting toxins into us and our children. Due to millions of dollars being paid out by Big Pharma in lossed lawsuits, as of 1986 you can no longer sue a pharmaceutical company if their vaccine brings harm to you or your child. Many people were paid off with forced non-disclosure agreements attached to the pay off to keep them quiet about the their childs ailment being caused by the vaccine.

How many vaccines did your grandparents and parents have to get just to go through school? How many did you have to get? Today, our kids are recieving upwards of 38 vaccinations by 18 months old! With those answers in mind, how many children had autism when your grandparents and parents grew up? How many when you grew up? I’m not talking about Google-ing the national averages. Just what you all noticed as you were out and about. Now look at the younger population. How many people noticeably suffer from autism and other ailments as your out going about your day and week?

Reports prove that vaccines do in fact cause autism. Former pharmacists are speaking out about their experiences. Massive advertising budgets, no concern for the patients. That doctor whose always pushing vaccines on you, he’s doing it because you’re probably insured. And insurance reimburses, or pays higher, based on the amount of vaccines given. So your doctor is incentivized to push the vaccines.

Quoted from Dr. Rima Truth Reports:

For babies, those schedules result, IMHO, in the supposedly “genetic” condition called autism which has gone from 1 in 10,000 kids in the lightly vaccinated 1970’s to as much as 1 in 36 kids in the heavily vaccinated US. That’s how many Somalian kids in Minneapolis have autism while for the rest of the US population it is about 1 kid in 55 or so. [Except, of course, for example, the unvaccinated Amish children who have the “natural” rate of 1 in 10,000.]
Vaccinated people shed viruses, endangering the immuno compromised, by the way, not the other way around and if a baby’s mom was vaccinated while the baby was in utero, even if she is breast feeding her child, the baby is immuno compromised because she cannot, simply cannot, provide enough antibodies in her milk as a non vaccinated mother!

As you can see, vaccinations are ineffective and dangerous. If you were vaccinated, the toxins in the vaccines continue to destroy the body every year. To clear out the toxins from your body and allow your body to repair and heal itself, I recommend Boost and Detox Tea. Both of these products are non-GMO. I also recommend switching to all non-GMO and organic foods put out by independently owned brands.

What to do about it

As stated above, I recommend not using antibiotics when you get sick. You are only further compromising your bodies natural ability to fight disease. Likewise, stop getting vaccinated and stop vaccinating your children. If you can’t get a religious waiver for reasons of not vaccinating, then home-school your children. Where possible, buy independently owned brands of non-GMO and organic foods.

The non-GMO and organic foods will give your body the nutrition it needs to fight off disease and buying only from independently owned brands ensures your money doesn’t go to the hands of Big Food or Big Pharma. As stated above I recommend starting with organic meal shakes, and Detox Tea to begin the process of cleansing your body of all the toxins and strengthening your immune system.
We can save ourselves, our children, and all future generations by spreading awareness. There is a little known war going against us for control. We are deliberately being made sick and killed off. But through spreading this information, we can and will win this war for our health and lives.

Below you will find links for further reading into antibiotics and vaccines, as well related articles about the importance of switching to non-GMO and organic foods and properly formulated dietary supplements, preferably from independently owned brands.

If you found this article to be informative, please share it. If you have a personal experience with antibiotics or vaccines, please share below in the comments. You could also email me your story at

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