Your Body Can Heal Itself. Stop Poisoning The Body With Pharmaceuticals.

In todays world people are too dependent upon pharmaceuticals for their health. When someone gets sick, they go to the doctor. Who prescribes drugs. Or they go to the drug store and by over-the-counter medications. Is this really effective? Are pharmaceuticals really helping? Or are they only making things worse?

People argue that pharmaceuticals are a blessing because we’ve defeated a number of diseases, allegedly through the use of drugs. But has anyone stopped to consider for a moment why vaccinations aren’t 100% effective? Why vaccinated children are allegedly not safe around those who aren’t vaccinated? Or how many “super bugs” exist only because of drugs created by pharmaceutical companies?

Has anyone stopped to consider how many illnesses are caused later in life due to drugs used today? Is tomorrow worth threatening for the temporary relief today?

The sad truth is that pharmaceuticals are more dangerous and detrimental to ones health than they are beneficial. Most studies stating otherwise are put out by pharmaceutical companies themselves. And the government endorses these companies, and hides alternatives purposely, because their pockets are being lined by these very same pharmaceutical companies.

All you need to fight any disease or illness, including many cancers, exists within your own body. Yes, your body can heal itself of pretty much anything. But in order to do so, it needs to be told by you that the power is there (mind over body) and be equipped with the right tools (nutraceuticals) it needs to do its job. If you are positive in mindset and eat a healthy diet, your body will believe what you tell it and will have what it needs to repair itself.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, that do as much damage as they do good, nutraceuticals provide your body with fuel it needs to function and the tools it needs to heal your body and get rid of diseased cells and other unwanted waste in your body.

I mention positive mindset (or attitude) because the biggest factor that gets in the way of our bodies ability to heal itself is stress. Stress can show in several forms:

  • Emotional: divorce, relationship stress, deaths, financial & job stress, unforgiveness, worry, anger, fear, depression, and indecision.
  • Structural: acute injuries, accidents, old injuries and the scar tissue that remains, arthritic degenerativejoints, chronic pain, stiffness, excessive exercise, surgeries and subluxations of the spine and other joints.
  • Biochemical: illness, infection, allergies, alcohol & drug abuse, irregular hormonal cycles, digestive disorders, inflammation, toxicity overload and dehydration.
  • Energetic: poor sleep quality & quantity, over work, meridian energy imbalance, nerve interference, computer and cell phone usage (EMF stress).

For our bodies to best be able to heal themselves, we need to reduce the amount of stress we’re under. The easiest way to do this is to reduce the number of stressors. Or at the very least, change our mindset towards, and perception of, these different stressors. Along with creating a positive mindset and reducing stressors, a healthy diet is essential.

It is important to focus on non-GMO and organic foods, beverages, and supplements. Avoid, where possible, artificial sweeteners, additives, colorants, flavors, preservatives, etc. There are natural ways to add flavor or coloring to your foods, and preserve your foods. There are companies out there that use these natural methods, and more will continue to pop up as more and more of us consumers demand it and refuse to consume artificial foods.

The longer you are on a healthy diet, you will notice more and more benefits. Including increased energy, better sleep, less pain, and possible disappearance of current diseases you may have. At the same time as your body is healing itself of current conditions, you are actively preventing future conditions from developing.

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t a “quick fix”, but it is the only way to properly relieve symptoms, cure yourself of diseases and illnesses, and prevent future diseases from developing. When you turn to a healthy lifestyle, which includes an overall positive attitude, your body will thank you. And you will see this “thank you” in the healing your body goes through. I really can’t emphasize enough about positive mindset. Because what you tell yourself, what you believe, is what your body will believe and respond to. If you doubt your bodies ability to heal itself, your body will doubt itself too.

I know that may sound crazy, but how many stories have you heard of people saying they healed themselves of all kinds of things, including cancers, by simply eating healthier and/or adding supplements to their diet? Now you’re thinking “but there are also stories of others who changed their diet and didn’t heal”. Right, but did they believe? Those who healed themselves believed in their bodies ability to heal and knew they had to supply the body with the means to heal. Those who didn’t heal gave their bodies the tools, but doubted the bodies ability. Now, how would you feel if your boss constantly doubted your ability to do your job? How well would be able to perform in that environment? Probably pretty poorly. So why would you expect your body to perform at its best if you’re constantly doubting it?

Many who claim the healthier diet didn’t work probably didn’t give it long enough either. The more serious the disease, the longer it will take to be cured.

Every disease and illness has a root cause, and can be cured. If you’re told otherwise, do your best not to believe it. If you believe you’re incurable, than your body won’t be able to successfully do its job. But if you believe, regardless what you’re told, that you are curable, then your body will be able to do its job; so long as you also provide your body with the tools it needs.

Diseases and illnesses (physical and mental) are able to creep in through a weakened immune system. Therefore, along with the belief you can heal, you can jumpstart the healing process by taking steps to strengthen your immune system.

My Recommendations:
Along with switching your diet to one that is all non-GMO and organic, there a few products I recommend to help you and your body get going.

To help with a clear mind, positive mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and curb cravings for unhealthy foods, I recommend our happy” coffee (also available in chocolate).

To jumpstart your immune system, I recommend our Detox Tea, Immune Stimulator, and Enviro-Detox. These products will both remove toxins from your body and strengthen your immune system.

To be sure your body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs, I recommend the Super Supplemental Vitamin & Mineral.

Immune Stimulator, Enviro-Detox, and Super Supplemental may be found in our supplement shop. Just copy/paste the product name into the shop search bar and they’ll come right up.

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