What Is No Shave November And Movember?

Many have heard of No Shave November and Movember but either think it’s a joke or don’t understand what it’s all about. Many post jokes and sarcasm about it across social media and even suggest it’s an excuse for men to not shave and jokingly suggest that women join in by not shaving their legs or arm pits. Some of the memes are more ignorant to the causes then they are funny.

It’s great to see that these movements have become household names, but the meaning behind the movements seems to have been left behind. And that’s really unfortunate, especially considering how much energy some put into bashing the movements without even understanding what the movements are even trying to accomplish. It’s a sad day when people opt to jump to fanciful conclusions before even attempting to do research. And research, in today’s world, isn’t even that difficult. Who hasn’t heard of Google?

Well, anyway….hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but No Shave November is an actual event that is designed to bring awareness to cancers. And yes, women are welcome to participate in No Shave November. The idea is you don’t shave for the month of November and donate the months grooming costs to cancer awareness and research. The story behind the founding of No Shave November is actually a decent story. I suggest you read why they started it on their website.

Then there’s Movember. Which, similarly to No Shave November, was started for guys to grow and groom a mustache during November to bring awareness to prostate and testicular cancers. Movember also brings awareness towards mental health issues and men’s fitness. Funds raised are donated to more than 800 different programs. 

Unlike No Shave November, this movement started a little bit more fun and less serious. And quickly morphed into what it became today as the trend caught on. Movember is active in several countries, but it was started in Australia.

Movember hopes to reduce prostate cancer by 25% in the coming decade. Both causes are doing awesome work to bring awareness to cancers. However, Movember is strictly men’s health and strictly the mustache. No beards allowed. But you ladies are welcome to push your man into growing a stache for the month.

No Shave November, on the other hand, allows women to participate. And you are not allowed to trim or groom at all. So men, if the stache isn’t your thing, try No Shave November; and get the women involved too. The funds you would normally spend on razors, shaving creams or gels, etc or salon visits would be going to a great cause instead.

Please educate those you see joking about these movements. Bringing awareness to, and donating towards the research and prevention of, cancers and mental health issues is no laughing matter. Especially when it comes to us men. Most men don’t talk about their illnesses if diagnosed, many more go undiagnosed altogether. In large part due to how men are expected to be by society – tough and macho. Whereas it’s more socially acceptable for women to discuss their illnesses.

These movements are a way men can bring awareness to, and fund the research and prevention of, many illnesses that afflict us. Even if it’s only one month out of the year. Next time you see someone participating in these movements, man or woman, think twice before you decide to make a wisecrack. They are doing their part to start the conversation on cancer and mental health, as well as donating to the research and prevention of these illnesses.

And no, I’m not defending them simply because I have a beard myself. I wear my beard every day of the year. I give a lot of credit to the men and women who participate in these movements and all they’ve been able to accomplish so far.

If your jobs dress code forbids the whole no shaving thing, you can still participate by being a donor for someone who is participating and help the participant raise awareness and receive donations through his/her fundraiser through one of the organizations.

You can participate in Movember by registering and donating through Movember.com To participate in No Shave November, you would register and run donations through No-Shave.org

Source: BestHealthDegrees.com

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