Happy New Year! What’s Your Resolution?

Every year people set resolutions and seldom follow through. It’s been suggested only 10% actually follow through with their resolutions. Why do so many fail?

  • Lack of support
  • Too many resolutions
  • Expect results quicker than reality allows for
  • And many other reasons

Some people just have no interest. They have the what but not the why. Like getting fit for example. WHY do you want to get fit? Or smoking, WHY do you want to quit? Knowing your why makes the follow through much easier and more enjoyable. It also helps to know it’s not going to happen overnight. Instead of making a list of resolutions, choose just one. And allow enough time for it to happen. Change doesn’t take place in one day, but over time. So after you choose your resolution, establish steps along the way so you can keep track of changes.

For example, say you smoke a pack a day and want to quit. It’s extremely difficult to go cold-turkey. So cut back in steps. I have friends who managed to quit cold turkey, my grandfather too. But I tried and failed miserably. Though I have managed to cut back quite a bit.

Maybe over a week you decide to cut back to 15 per day. Then the following week you cut back to 10 per day, then 5, then 3, then 1, then none! It’s ok if you sit at each step a day or so before cutting more. Before you know it, you’ve quit!

To make it easy, start out by taking mental notes when you usually light up. Do you have a cigarette as soon as you wake up? Every time you get in the car? On break at work? After a meal? When something is stressing you out? Take note of these. When you have a good mental note of when you usually smoke, start cutting back by avoiding one of those habitual lightups. For example, if you have a cigarette after every meal, try to not have one after breakfast. If you’re able to successfully get to the next habitual cigarette without the after-breakfast cigarette at all, you have successfully cut one back; now cut one out later in the day, then a middle of day one, and so on. Before you know it, you’re first step of cutting down from a pack to 15 per day has been reached and you can begin working towards the next step.

This basic concept applies to any resolution. You want a plan with a realistic timeframe, and a plan with steps along the way.

If you’re resolution has to do with health, whether it be eating healthier, losing weight, getting fit, conquering stress or a mental illness, you have a community of people supporting you. You don’t have to do it alone. You can join our community by clicking here. We will help you reach your resolution. If you don’t have a plan, we’ll help you create one with achievable steps.

If you’ve tried in the past to no avail, try again this year with us. Allow us to help you. In many cases, a support system and one minor change in your daily routine is all it takes to get the results you want.

Do you have to use us for support? No. You could use a friend or family member. But will you keep each other motivated enough to keep going until you both have the results you seek? Or will you and your friends and family do better with a community supporting you? In our community, you will get support from the entire community and will also be able to help others. How awesome would it feel to know your story and progress is helping keep someone else motivated to keep going…or even get started?

My resolutions:

  • Conquer my depression & anxiety
  • Conquer my diabetes (type 2)
  • Quit smoking

Why do I have three? Because I have a headstart on them. I just need to keep myself focused.

  • Thanks to products I came across almost by accident, I’m gaining control over my depression and anxiety completely naturally; no medications whatsoever.
  • And through a proper diet and supplementation, type 2 diabetes is reversible. But changing ones diet to all non-GMO and organic foods is difficult. It’s a slow go. I’ve already began using organic vitamins, no longer eat fast food, and I no longer drink sodas. And some foods have been switched to non-GMO or organic only. This year I just need to continue altering my diet until everything is non-GMO and organic. And, in time, my diabetes will be gone. I’m already seeing improvements (though I’ve working on it for well over a year already).
  • I’ve tried several times during the year to quit cold turkey and failed. But have managed to cut back to about 5 per day. So I should be able to be completely free of cigarettes within the next month or so. I say month or so, because my smoking is a result of my anxiety and stress. So I’m giving myself enough time to gain complete control over my anxiety before I expect myself to be able to quit smoking 100%.

So you see, a new years resolution doesn’t have to be a big dramatic change or some unrealistic goal. It can simply be to continue something you already started, a promise to yourself to keep going and not give up. All good things come over time.

If you’d like support in achieving your resolution, or even coming up with a resolution and creating a plan, join our community by clicking here.

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