New Year Starting Rough?

Many set resolutions for the new year. In many cases these resolutions are unrealistic, or the list is too long. Others have high expectations for the new year. When these expectations and resolutions aren’t met, the year is seen as a miserable failure. This attitude then sets in motion one bad event after the next. Why? Our mood and perception becomes our reality. The easy answer is to have a short list of realistic resolutions with a plan of steps and smaller goals along the way to the bigger one, as explained in “Happy New Year! What’s Your Resolution?“.

But what about those who do set realistic resolutions, have a plan of action, and don’t have unrealistic expectations? What happens when things are set realistically, but the year starts off horrible? In many cases, as above, these people quickly grow a negative attitude about the year and the rest of the year is miserable. Because, again, our perception and mood becomes our reality. We attract that which we put out. If we want a great year, we need to put out positivity. The more negative we are, the more negative we attract.

For example, in the past few days I’ve seen people complain about:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of finances stolen from their bank accounts
  • Loss of jobs
  • And a few other serious things

All these would cause a great deal of stress, at any time of the year. Losing money, a job, etc is never easy. No matter what time of year it happens. You’re going to be upset and depressed.

But when these things happen in the very beginning of the new year, people tend to take it as a sign that the new year is going to be horrible. One disaster right after the other. And when they allow that attitude to set in, the year usually becomes just that – a disaster.

But it doesn’t have to be. A bad beginning could simply be the entrance of a great year. If you let it be. You may be wondering how is a loss of revenue, a job, etc a good thing? Yes, it’s an unwanted struggle. A bigger struggle for some then others. But it’s not the end of the world.

A loss of revenue can be made back by making a small shift in a different direction. A lost job could be an opening to get a better job – whether it be the same position but better pay with another company, or it be a job you love more than the one you lost. It all comes down to your mindset. If you’re able to be positive, you will have a positive outcome from the struggle.

The only reason why the struggle would last longer than average, or keep turning into additional problems, is because of a negative mindset. The year just started. You can still make this year an awesome year if you’re positive. Let yourself control where you go, not the struggle.

Also keep in mind how many people do start off the year super amazing but by mid-year start crashing hard. It happens. Why? Because the year starts out so good for them that they lose focus and start taking things for granted. When this happens, the fall begins.

Would you rather start off good and end bad, or start off bad and end good? I know, you’d rather start off good and end better. But life doesn’t always allow that scenario. I would much rather start off in a struggle and end the year strong, then start off strong and end the year in struggle.

I’ve had many years that started and ended in a struggle, a few that started off great but ended horrible, and a few that started horrible and ended ok. Almost every time, how my year started and ended was directly related to my attitude and how I percieved things. The phrase “perception is reality” is true. How you perceive things becomes your reality.

This year, for example, started bad. The last week of 2018 I was feeling pretty good. I was positive 2019 was going to be amazing. But then January 1st, things went wrong. Yes, on New Year’s Day, things started to go wrong.

I admit I panicked. My anxiety went through the roof. The whole week wound up being lost. All I can do is think about what’s going on. But yesterday one issue was resolved. And another may be getting resolved shortly. If so, it will help resolve another issue. That’s right, three inter-connected issues welcomed me into the new year. Three issues I didn’t see coming, wasn’t planning for nor expecting, and certainly didn’t want to start my year off with.

When they began, it was easy to think this year is gone. That I’m toast. But I did my best to stay positive and started doing things I felt I needed to in order to remedy the issues. And things are starting to appear better. Despite starting off completely miserable, 2019 may still be a good year. After all, the year literally just started.

If you’re in a struggle of any kind at the moment, try not to let it bring down your entire year. Instead, look at it as a new year cleansing. The garbage of yester-year is being washed away, old doors closed and new doors opening. Instead of filling your mind full of negativity and readying yourself for what could go wrong next, try being positive and think about where it could be leading.

As suggested above, a loss of revenue could be a sign to make a slight shift in your operations. The shift may wind up being more profitable. A lost job could lead to a better paying job or a job you truly love; possibly both, a job you love that pays more than the job you lost.

New year struggles are only bad and lead to horrible years full of disasters if we allow it. But we can make the struggle turn into the best year we’ve had in a long time, or ever, if we truly wanted to. It’s all about how we allow ourselves to interpret what’s going on, what we’re going through, and how we handle it.

Sometimes stress and anxiety could get in the way of a more positive outlook. To relieve your stress and anxiety, and help with a calmer and more positive outlook, I recommend trying our Happy products. Samples are available.

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