A Message For Network Marketers (And Those Thinking About Network Marketing)

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Many Network Marketers push the idea of a job being prison. Sell their business to, and get people to join their teams who are, typically living in or below poverty. The business is sold as the greatest thing on Earth, it’s so simple, anyone can do it. This is done so often and is so common place that even those who have sold nothing, earned nothing, and possibly even jump from one company to the next every month, are using these tactics. And quite frankly, it’s pissing me off.

Is your team growing? Maybe. But are they active? Are they using the products? How long do they typically stick around? Do they even know why they joined? If you’re playing on people’s emotions to get them onboard, you are nothing more than a con man out for a quick buck. You are not trying to grow a business.

A true Network Marketer understands their why, and will help prospective team members realize their why. And if their why doesn’t fit the company or products, you will tell them so and wish them luck. Not maneuver them into joining anyway. Honesty grows bigger and more successful teams then manipulation every time.

Network Marketing isn’t easy. Some people have luck and hit it big in the first month. I’ve seen it happen. But there are those who feel it, believe it, and work it with more passion than the top earners and yet it still takes over a year to get the first sale. In some cases this is because they refuse to learn new techniques and skills, and in some cases it’s because they have no support from you – the upline/sponsor. It happens. If someone isn’t cutting it, help them; never put them down. Find out why it’s taking so long to start working for them. If they’ve stuck around longer than 3 months with no sales, especially if it’s been over a year, you can’t deny the fact they are passionate about the products and want to see their business take off.

Many are trying to fire their bosses and grow a Network Marketing empire. However, there are many more that are simply looking to earn an extra $500-1,000/mo. Nothing more. Then you have the rare breed that would like to grow to six figures per month and keep their job! Yes, you read that right. Not everyone thinks their job is a prison. Some people like their jobs, others will continue to work just to keep busy.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking your job and wanting the extra income to have financial freedom or financial security. In fact, I recently started a job after closing my brick and mortar business, and I love it. Not only am I positioned to market my products to my customer base at my job since the products relate, but I actually enjoy the job. I have plans to move as high as I can and grow my network marketing business at the same time. At the moment, even if I was earning $100K/mo already, I would keep my job! Why? I wouldn’t need it!

I’d keep it because I enjoy it. I enjoy the work, the atmosphere, my team, and my customers. Granted as I get promoted, my scenery and team may change. But it won’t change the fact I enjoy doing what I do and do it because I want to, not because I have to. And you fellow network marketers need to understand there are many out there just like me. It’s not that we don’t want home-based success, the freedom to do what we want when we want, etc. It’s the simple fact we like our job for one reason or the other and at least for the moment can’t picture leaving it behind.

Not everyone views their jobs as prison. Some people actually do what they enjoy doing and are just looking for some extra income. And most with this mindset are using connections, relationships, established through their jobs to grow their business. So, in essence, their job is part of their business in the sense of being a marketing avenue and customer base for the business. Who would walk away not only from what they enjoy, but also from customers and potential customers (maybe even team members)?

Next time you go to tell someone how great Network Marketing is, remember that just because you took off in under a month, many more struggle and need to learn the skills to grow the business. Next time you want to use firing a boss as a sales pitch, first find out if the prospect enjoys his job and if they even want to leave it. Learn more about potential team members before approaching them. Sell them on their wants and desires, not yours.

To those thinking about Network Marketing, ignore the hype. Look into yourself. What products are you passionate about? Now find companies who offer those products and narrow the list based on how the company vision, mission, and atmosphere matches your own. Most companies will not allow selling for other companies. But some will allow it for companies with related, but not similar, products. However, keep in mind only one should be your primary company and receive most of your attention. If you’re just getting started, choose one. Do not add on another until the first is growing and providing you the income you want out of it.

And remember, it is perfectly ok to enjoy your job and still grow a business – whether your goal is $500/mo or $1M/mo. Network Marketing is flexible and is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun doing it, you’re doing something wrong.

Keep in mind, this is not the profession for you if all you care about is the money. Yes, the potential is there and financial goals should be set. However, if you’re all about the money you will fail. If you want to succeed, you must help people. Through helping people you will grow your business – a customer base and an active team. Help customers better their lives with the products, help team members with their businesses, and yours will grow.

Let’s please put an end to all the job related and network marketing related stereotypes. I am not afraid to admit I have a job, I love my job, and I’m a network marketer and love network marketing. It is possible to love both and have both.

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