Blog/Podcast/Newsletter Update: Where Have I Been?

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Quick Blog/Podcast/Newsletter Update: For a while the frequency will be 1 blog post and 1 podcast episode per month, 2-3 newsletter’s per month. Any additional per month will be put out when I can until I can return to the normal weekly schedule. I’m adjusting to a new schedule and line of work I started since closing down the fish market.

Closing down the fish market was a difficult decision, but had to be done. To replace the income, I recently started a job. I work third shift (overnight) and unfortunately I’m also on someone elses time. So not only do I need to adjust to a different schedule, I can’t decide my own hours; which means I don’t have as much time to put into the blog and podcast until I adjust to the new schedule. I’m also dealing with trying to repair my vehicle or get a new one, since it broke down about a month ago.

Until I adjust and life more or less returns to normal, I will publish blog posts and podcast episodes as often as I can. There will be a minimum of one per month. The newsletter may still send out on the same days, but the blog and podcast may see a new day of the week for publish new content.

However, all of you are still my top priority. Helping you achieve your health & wellness goals and providing you with the best possible information is still, and always will be, my main priority. My wellness business, this site, is going no where. I am still able to be reached via email, social media, or phone for questions and consultations. My time adjusting is only affecting my research and publish time, not the business itself.

There may or may not be an announcement when frequency returns to normal. When it does, you will notice less sporadic postings. They will simply be remaining weekly on the day of the week the new schedule will be. But until such time, expect a minimum of one posting per month.

If you’d like to help support the blog and podcast, and speed up returning to a weekly schedule, please consider making monthly donations here or here. If you would like to help me personally and help me to get a vehicle back on the road and help with my families food situation, click here to donate.
As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

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