Welcome to ‘Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives’. I’m a health enthusiast and have been striving to lead a healthier and more beneficial life for years. Through my wanting to be healthier, I’ve began research that continues to this day into all things health. I research foods, beverages, water, and supplements. Much of my research has been… Continue reading Introduction

Are You Unknowingly A Victim Of Narcissist Abuse?

Many people understand a narcissist to be someone who is: Conceited All about themselves Will do anything to benefit themselves, even if it endangers or harms another But very few understand the extent that a narcissist is willing to go to achieve their goals. And whereas many people suspect a narcissist goals are primarily financial… Continue reading Are You Unknowingly A Victim Of Narcissist Abuse?

New Year Starting Rough?

Many set resolutions for the new year. In many cases these resolutions are unrealistic, or the list is too long. Others have high expectations for the new year. When these expectations and resolutions aren’t met, the year is seen as a miserable failure. This attitude then sets in motion one bad event after the next.… Continue reading New Year Starting Rough?

Happy New Year! What’s Your Resolution?

Every year people set resolutions and seldom follow through. It’s been suggested only 10% actually follow through with their resolutions. Why do so many fail? Lack of support Too many resolutions Expect results quicker than reality allows for And many other reasons Some people just have no interest. They have the what but not the… Continue reading Happy New Year! What’s Your Resolution?

Merry Christmas!!

The Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives team would like to wish you all a healthy and very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time with family and friends. If you have family that aren’t able to take part in your get-together, be sure to call them. A simple two minute phone call is all it takes to help… Continue reading Merry Christmas!!

Alcoholism: Abuse & Depression

Millions of individuals suffer with alcoholism to one degree or another. Some start abusing alcohol younger in life, some older in life. In many cases it’s self-diagnosed, as the individual first needs to admit a problem exists in order to heal themselves. Many claim alcoholism can’t be cured. But I’m going to argue that point… Continue reading Alcoholism: Abuse & Depression

Have You Heard Of The Hormone Called Oxytocin? Are Your Oxytocin Levels Healthy?

There’s a lot of talk about “smart” coffee and chocolate, or what we call “happy” coffee and “happy” chocolate and all the benefits of. But, the brand we carry is the only one to offer the full D.O.S.E. (promotes all four of the brains “happy” chemicals). The coffee does the D.S. and E. (which will… Continue reading Have You Heard Of The Hormone Called Oxytocin? Are Your Oxytocin Levels Healthy?

Senior Depression Is A Societal Issue

Ageing And Depressed Many seniors are depressed and nobody knows! How much attention do you pay to the older population? How much time do you spend with them? Whether they be friends, co-workers, your parents or your grandparents, or aunts and uncles? How often do you visit or call? These people could either be depressed… Continue reading Senior Depression Is A Societal Issue