Have You Heard Of The Hormone Called Oxytocin? Are Your Oxytocin Levels Healthy?

There’s a lot of talk about “smart” coffee and chocolate, or what we call “happy” coffee and “happy” chocolate and all the benefits of. But, the brand we carry is the only one to offer the full D.O.S.E. (promotes all four of the brains “happy” chemicals). The coffee does the D.S. and E. (which will… Continue reading Have You Heard Of The Hormone Called Oxytocin? Are Your Oxytocin Levels Healthy?

Senior Depression Is A Societal Issue

Ageing And Depressed Many seniors are depressed and nobody knows! How much attention do you pay to the older population? How much time do you spend with them? Whether they be friends, co-workers, your parents or your grandparents, or aunts and uncles? How often do you visit or call? These people could either be depressed… Continue reading Senior Depression Is A Societal Issue

Depression Knows No Age

Depression Is Real The first thing you need to understand is that depression is a very real illness. There are various forms of depression, and many times more than one coexists. Depression may also coexist with a form of anxiety. If you’ve read “I Am That I Am: The Outcast“, you know that I have… Continue reading Depression Knows No Age

Post-Thanksgiving Bloat Relief

Thanksgiving is now behind us. Mine was spent at a Thanksgiving lunch at church. Hopefully you enjoyed your Thanksgiving  as well. Many spent the day with family and ate large dinners. Who can pass up on turkey, ham, yams, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and let’s not forget all the desserts. You more than likely ate beyond… Continue reading Post-Thanksgiving Bloat Relief

The Holiday Blues

The holidays are seen as a warm, joyous time of year. Friends and family coming together, big dinners and celebrations, the exchange of gifts, and vacations. What’s not to love about the holiday season? I remember growing up, our whole family would get together. It was nice. Once on Thanksgiving and again on Christmas. Those… Continue reading The Holiday Blues

What Is No Shave November And Movember?

Many have heard of No Shave November and Movember but either think it’s a joke or don’t understand what it’s all about. Many post jokes and sarcasm about it across social media and even suggest it’s an excuse for men to not shave and jokingly suggest that women join in by not shaving their legs… Continue reading What Is No Shave November And Movember?

Prevent Allergies, Colds, And Flu…Naturally

It’s that time of year that we’re dealing with allergies, colds, and the flu. Considering the dangers of flu vaccines and antibiotics, I recommend overcoming the dreaded allergies, colds, a flu, or preventing them altogether, with natural remedies. Aside from reducing your stress and being sure to get at least 7 hrs sleep per night,… Continue reading Prevent Allergies, Colds, And Flu…Naturally