Red Conrad’s Wellness Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Why is there no prices on some products listed? How much are they?
There are no prices listed for most of the products because I don’t feel our society focuses on making well-informed decisions when looking at options. Everyone is either biased against what they consider too cheap or too expensive for a particular item. I don’t want any biases, concious or subconcious, to get in your way of making a well-informed decision if you want to try my products or not. Price point alone shouldn’t be the basis of decisions when it comes to our health and wellbeing.
You will find the pricing in one of two ways:

  1. Fill out the order form and add any questions or concerns you may have. I will answer any questions and concerns, and once you confirm you want to make the purchase: For products I have in stock, I will send you an invoice with pricing; for products through my third-party storefronts, I will either create your account and send you your customer account information or explain how you can set it up. Once you login to your account on the third-party storefront, you will see the pricing of each item, how to get the discounted pricing, and confirm your order.
  2. Click the link to go create your customer account and then click on place order on the following page after account creation.

Some products, those offered directly through this site, you will see the pricing on the order page.

2) Why are your prices “expensive”? Can’t you supply cheaper brands?
It is the goal of Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives to supply the best possible products at the best possible pricing. Where as high pricing doesn’t always mean high quality, the same is true for low pricing. Especially supplements. It also needs to be taken into consideration many product prices you see are for month supplies. When you divide the price by 30 days in a month, many of our products are actually cheaper than conventional brands and other brands that claim to be high quality and non-GMO or organic.

At Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives, we don’t believe you need to be wealthy to afford to be healthy. Health should be obtainable no matter you’re income level. We also understand many live on a budget, and as such, seldom eat out and rarely visit places such as Starbucks. We mention this because many other brands sales reps will suggest to cut down on such purchases to afford their products. So we hunted down products that are non-GMO and organic sourced at the lowest possible price without degrading the purity and the quality of the product. Through Red Conrad’s Wellness, you will find only the best products at the most affordable possible prices.

It is our experience that most brands found in supermarkets, particularly the well-known brands, are garbage. They are chock full of synthetic ingredients and fillers. Supplements of any nature, regardless where the brand is sold and how small the brand is, are garbage if you can get them at $10/bottle or less. Typically anything that cheaply priced won’t even be digestable.

Likewise, there are many brands that cost $80 or higher per bottle. In some cases you need to buy multiple products to get the equivalent of a multi-vitamin or the desired benefits you’re looking for. This could quickly add up to $300 or higher per month! Whereas these brands may actually be high quality, it is a serious profit-driven markup. These brands typically cater only to the upper-middle class and upper class of society, coming to anywhere from $960-3,600/yr or higher in supplement costs.

These companies suggest you can afford this by simply cutting back on eating out, the number of Starbucks visits per day, etc. And for many, that may be possible. But we understand this isn’t a cost many have that they can cut down or get rid of. How do you spend less on something you don’t purchase in the first place?

All of our supplements are of the highest quality and go through rigorous testing for quality and purity. Only organic ingredients are used. And our supplements are third-party certified.

As with supplements, many teas sold in supermarkets are by big box brands that mass produce their products for shipment. By the time the teas reach the supermarket for sale and your home after purchase, the product has already lost much of it’s quality. Our teas are all non-GMO and organic, and ship directly to you from the supplier. This guarantees you only have the highest quality, and freshest possible tea. If you taste our teas in comparison to an equivalent from the supermarket, you will see and taste a noticeable difference.

Herbal Coffee:
Our coffee is one of a few brands that offers the benefits our coffee offers. But our coffee is comprised of only non-GMO and organic ingredients. Our coffee is also proven to provide the benefits we claim it does. No customers have reported not feeling these amazing benefits. No other brand can say the same of their coffee.

Your health is an investment, and should be treated as such. You shouldn’t purchase products on price alone. But you should be catious of products that are cheap or overly expensive. Our products are all premium quality at the most affordable possible pricing. Why risk a cheaper product that may not work? Or a higher priced product that may not be any better than ours, possibly not even as high quality as ours?

At first glance our products may seem expensive. But to what are you making the comparison? You simply will not find products as high quality as ours for a cheaper price.

3) Are you just several ds (direct sales) businesses or what?
Red Conrad’s Wellness is my own brand. It is my business started by me that is supplied by DS companies and traditional companies. Members of my team who join through one of the DS companies work with me, but are paid through the company which they signed up under me in.
Each member of my team will have their link appear on this site and they will also have the option of blogging or podcasting with me.
As of yet, we do not have a building; just a social media presence, website, and word-of-mouth. So, we guess you can say what our team does is Direct Sales with a twist. We’re not traditional by any means. Some day, we may have storefront locations. Because of this possibility, we only try out and distribute for those companies that allow stock in brick-and-mortar locations.
It also gives us and our team flexibility to sell to businesses as well as the individual, if we so choose.

Whereas most companies offered here are direct sales companies, some may also be traditional companies. We want this website to be the #1 place to go for all your top quality non-GMO and organic products. So we will only offer the best products at the best possible pricing, regardless of the model the business uses. Every company is personally tested and researched before being added to this website. Because of my desire to offer only the best products at the best prices, we don’t concern ourselves with the business model of the supplier. Some traditional companies have better products and pricing, and sometimes direct sales companies have the better product and pricing.

4) How do the sales work? Do I order direct through this site or use a provided link?
It is important you do one or the other, not both. Some products are available both ways, other products are only available for purchase through the provided links. All sales listed on this site will be honored whether you order direct or visit a provided link. The only difference is I may offer an extra package size the supplier doesn’t through the provided third-party storefront. To order such package size, you must fill out the order form on this site. 

Likewise, to be certain you are ordering from us, and the product you’d like to order, you must fill out the order form via this site or use a provided link to place your order. In any and all cases that there is a site-specific sale, such will be stated. If you have any questions about the product, pricing, etc, email Red@RedConrad.com

5) Will you have more products available?
Yes. In the future we will have more products available. All products made available will always be non-GMO or organic and be from American based businesses. Keep checking back in or follow the blog and facebook page (there will be announcements). You could also see the current line up of coming products at any given time by viewing the coming soon page.

6) Do you sell to businesses? Can I stock your products in my store/office? Do you sell wholesale?
Yes! Our products are able to be supplied for your store, office, etc. Whether the products are supplied by traditional companies or direct sales companies, all products may be stocked and sold through your business. We only offer products from companies that allow such as I’m building Red Conrad’s Wellness into a full-fledged marketplace. Email Red at Red@RedConrad.com for details and wholesale pricing. Terms apply

7) How did you choose the name for your brand/business?
I chose the name for a few reasons:

  1. A lot of the good brandables were already taken.
  2. I wanted a name that tells people they’re talking to a person, not a company.
  3. And I figured why not? A lot of brands are named after the founder, and I don’t mind being the face of the brand so my team doesn’t have to be.

As we grow, if we determine a name change is necessary, we can always change it and re-brand. But at least for now, the current name serves the purpose.

8) What products are allowed in the Buy Back? What is Buy Back? How do I recieve my money back?
To view the policy, click here. The Buy Back program basically allows you to buy certain products to try and sell it back to me if you don’t like it. The buy back price I pay will be product cost minus the amount you used. The only products that are allowed in the Buy Back are unopened products that do not come individually wrapped, and open packages where the product is individually wrapped. All payments are made after I recieve the product, inspect it, and determine the cost owed to you. All Buy Backs are paid via PayPal.

9) Why, when I pay via PayPal or use my Credit/Debit card, does my statement say “PayPal* RedConrad” instead of “Red Conrad’s Wellness”?
Currently all non-cash payments are processed via PayPal. Red has a single business account with child-accounts for Red Conrad’s Wellness, Rideshare Red, Red’s Fresh Fish, his ministry, and his online business. All payments to the businesses and donations to the ministries account will show the name of the parent-account, not the child-account.

When paying via PayPal or Credit/Debit, submit payments via invoice you receive or the provided payment buttons. Payments to the online businesses email or to the ministries email will not be considered payment for your order, regardless of the fact they all go to the same parent-account. The organizations funds are seperated and are not connected to each other.

All funds do go to the respective place; and if you choose to pay via invoice, you will see Red Conrad’s Wellness information and logo on the invoice.

In the future, we may offer additional payment and shopping cart options.

Have a question? Send them to Red@RedConrad.com

Rideshare Red™ FAQ’s

Ride Service FAQ’s

1) Are you a rideshare or a taxi service?
Rideshare Red is a private driver service. We’re not like Uber or Lyft, in that we don’t allow just anyone to drive and don’t yet have our own app. We currently use the RideConnect App platform (Channel Code: REDSRIDES) for those who want to use an app to schedule rides. But we’re not public/marked taxis either. If you recognize a Rideshare Red driver, you may ask if they’re on duty and ask for a ride. But most rides must be scheduled in advance. Soon we will have a live map on the website so if you are nearby where Rideshare Red is, you may be able to get an on-demand ride.

Rideshare Red may become a hybrid private/public taxi company in the future. But for now, it is a private service. 
Rideshare Red is NOT a carpool service. It is a private ride service.

2) Can I get rides on-demand? 
Yes. Rideshare Red will accept on-demand rides, but it’s preferred you use one of the contact/scheduling options to book ahead. Scheduled rides are given preference and each work day is scheduled around the scheduled rides. 

3) Are you hiring?
At times Rideshare Red is hiring, it will be stated on this website (the page will be public/viewable) and it will be announced on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us there. All info about what’s required to drive for Rideshare Red will be on the hire page at times of hiring. 

4) Are rides with Rideshare Red™ safe?
Yes. Safety is a primary concern for everyone. Any and all hired drivers also undergo background checks before being accepted as a driver. Red is also contracted by other services which perform background checks. If asked, Red will provide his latest background check (personal info blacked out). In certain areas, to perform taxi services, complete criminal checks and fingerprinting is also required by the county.

5) How do I schedule a ride in the RideConnect App?
First, download RideConnect and join channel code REDSRIDES. This is done by clicking here or in the app open the menu and click on “Rideshare Channels” then in the search type REDSRIDES.

Once a member of the channel, click on my photo or name and then click “Request Ride” and put in the details of the ride.

6) How come when I call, no one answers?
Right now all calls go to my cell. As stated on the Rides page, I do NOT answer the phone or messages when driving or when I currently have a passenger. If you call, please leave a voicemail and I will call you back as soon as either a) I can pull over or b) the current ride ends and passenger is dropped off.

Have a question? Send them to Red@RedConrad.com

Delivery FAQ’s

FAQ’s pertaining to the original Rideshare Red Delivery service are listed beneath the FAQ’s for the new Reds Delivery Services.

Reds Delivery Services FAQ’s

1) I don’t see the store I want to shop. I thought I can shop anywhere.
You can. If your store isn’t listed on the host platform, click the “Pick A Store” option and create a file for the store. As you shop, use the closest approximate price selections. You will only pay the in-store prices. The platform aggregates/collects store data from available online information.  If a store doesn’t list items online, or doesn’t have an online presence at all, it won’t show as a separate option on the platform. But you can still shop it under “Pick A Store”.

2) Your business is through dumpling. Doesn’t that make it like Instacart and the others?
No, it doesn’t. dumpling is the host platform that powers the Red Delivery Services app. Nothing more. Other services dispatch orders, control pricing, etc. However, dumpling does not. They simply provide a platform for personal shoppers to grow and expand their own businesses. dumpling is to delivery services what Shopify is to e-commerce stores. Getting started, it is much more cost effective to rent space on a pre-existing platform than it is to build an entire app from scratch. One day Reds Delivery Services may have our own app, but for now it’s more cost effective to us to rent space from a host.

3) I’m having issues trying to shop a store. I can’t find a certain brand/item I know they carry.
The  platform the service is hosted on is still new and may have kinks out of my control (developers are working on updates). Much of the store info is collected from available online data. If you experience any issues shopping in the app, you have a few options:

  • Use the “Write in a custom item” feature, or
  • create an order/list with what you can so I have something to work with. As long as you open an order with at least 1 item, I’ll be able to update/shop. Then write/build your list on either AnyList (Android | Apple) or Out Of Milk (Android | Apple) and under list sharing, send the list to Red@RedConrad.com and I’ll update your order on my end in the Reds Delivery Services app.

In AnyList:

  • Go to list settings,
  • click “List Sharing” 
  • click”Share This List”
  • type in red@redconrad.com in the box

In Out Of Milk:

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the app to open the menu
  • Click “Share or send list”
  • Click “Add Friend By Email”
  • Type in red@redconrad.com in the pop-up box

4) I’m having trouble downloading the app. It’s not connecting me to your service. 
The platform Reds Delivery Services is hosted on is similar to what Shopify is for e-commerce. There are many services hosted on the platform. If, for any reason, you aren’t being connected to my service downloading the app through RedsDelivery.RedConrad.com, send the Facebook page a PM or email Red@RedConrad.com with your cell number and I’ll send you a direct link via an invite text. You can also try clicking to search for a shopper and type in your zip code. 

5) How does the pricing work?
On most grocery orders, the fee is 15% or a minimum of $15. Other stores may have higher fees. This means that on most orders where the total cost of groceries is $100 or less, the fee is $15. On orders where the total grocery cost is over $100, the fee is 15% of the total cost of the groceries. At stores with higher fees, the minimum $ amount would be on orders under $100 and the % amount above $100. If your grocery list is typically over $100 worth of items, you may want to consider a monthly subscription plan for additional savings. 

Restaurant orders are a flat fee of $12 and delivery only is a flat fee of $15, plus a 5% platform fee. The platform fee goes to dumpling (our host), not us. Regular grocery orders, we cover all platform fees. Deliver only and restaurant orders, currently we’re only charging a flat delivery fee and you cover your platform fees. This may change in the future, but if we take over paying all platform fees on “delivery only” and “restaurant pickup” orders too, the delivery fee on these order types will go up as well.

Reds Delivery Services pays the platform fees on most grocery orders, as we feel it’s unfair to the customer to pay these fees; whereas other services (Instacart, DoorDash, etc) charge platform fees and other fees to customers and businesses. We only charge a platform fee on “Delivery Only” and Restaurant Pickup” orders. We’re trying to work out pricing where it’s both affordable to you and still profitable for us. 

Gratuity/Tip can be chosen from as low as 5% to as high as 100%. You can select gratuity during your order; and if you choose, you can add additional tip after the order is completed. The total gratuity goes to the team member that shops/delivers your order.

Item prices in the app are national averages. Don’t worry if prices seem high, you will only be charged in-store prices. 

6) Will you service areas outside of Putnam County? If so, when?
Right now the main focus is to bring better and more affordable options to Putnam County. Once service here in Putnam County is large enough (team and clients), we may decide to expand outward. If we expand outward, our mission/vision and professionalism must be carried into the new market areas. If you’re interested in our services in your area, either as a team member or client, feel free to email Red@RedConrad.com and “Like” our Facebook page so you are first to know of any expansion into your area. 

Have a question? Send them to Red@RedConrad.com

Rideshare Red Delivery FAQ’s

1) How do I get delivery if I’m in a “pickup only” area?
If you use Instacart, Shipt, Postmates, or another app/platform and your zip code or area says “Pick Up Only”, go ahead and shop. You will then need to submit a delivery request to Rideshare Red with the name on the order, order number, and store location you shopped from so the order can be picked up by a Rideshare Red driver and delivered to you. Alternatively, you can utilize the “Pickup Only” option of the new Reds Delivery Services by downloading our app at RedsDelivery.RedConrad.com

2) My local store/supermarket says they offer online shopping but not in my area.
That is through their partner. The store/supermarket may not have a dedicated “in-house” shopping service. To receive delivery through Rideshare Red’s delivery service, choose the next closest location that offers online shopping with pick up service. When requesting delivery from Rideshare Red, be sure to notify us of the store location you shopped from online; along with the order information, such as your name and order number. Alternatively, you can utilize the new Reds Delivery Services by downloading our app at RedsDelivery.RedConrad.com

3) Do I have to use a delivery app such as Instacart, Postmates, or Doordash, etc to get delivery?
No. You can request delivery through Rideshare Red on any order from any store, supermarket, or restaurant that offers online shopping and pick up services. After you place your order, request delivery service by filling out the form on the delivery page

4) If I order through a delivery service, such as Instacart or Postmates, why do I have to pay a separate fee to Rideshare Red?
The delivery fee paid to Rideshare Red is only on orders in areas that are “Pick Up Only” through the app/service you use to order. This is because “Pick Up Only” orders are not shown or given to the app/service delivery drivers. Therefore, rather than the app/service giving a Rideshare Red driver the order information and payment for delivery, you are directly handing off the delivery and payment yourself. You are hiring Rideshare Red to pick up and deliver your “Pick Up Only” order so you don’t have to pick it up yourself. 

To minimize cost to you, see if it’s possible to shop online directly through the store/restaurant website rather than a third-party service. Alternatively, you can utilize the new Reds Delivery Services by downloading our app at RedsDelivery.RedConrad.com

5) Why do I have to pay for the service in advance?
Just like most other services, we request payment in full to perform our services. On a regular basis, advanced payment guarantees you (the customer) will receive your delivery quickly. If a delivery request is denied, or if you opt to pick it up yourself, the payment will be returned to you. 

In response to COVID-19,  advanced payment helps ensure the health of our customers and driver’s are protected as much as possible. 

6) I understand the concern about COVID-19 and “No Contact Delivery” but I prefer to pay with Cash or Credit/Debit. Can I still request that?
Yes. On the order form on the ‘Local Delivery‘ page check the box at the bottom of the form. It is advised against doing so to protect everyone’s health. But you may request payment be done via Cash or Credit/Debit. Credit/Debit payments are made via mobile card reader. However, it will be at the sole discretion of Rideshare Red and the Rideshare Red drivers to accept or deny a contact delivery. 

Have a question? Send them to Red@RedConrad.com