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Rideshare Red


Why Choose Rideshare Red?

I understand how hard it can be to get around without a vehicle. I also know first hand how expensive cabs and taxis can get. So I’ve decided to expand Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives™ services to include offering rides in and around the local area. After all, getting to work on time is important for financial health, doctors appointments on time for physical health, and so on. So I feel offering this service fits my business mission and vision.

Rides are not limited to work or doctors appointments. Need to go shopping? Visiting family/friends? Night out? Your vehicle getting worked on and you need a ride to/from the mechanic? Whatever your ride needs, I will get you where you need to go.

  • Airport (Departures and Arrivals)
  • Shopping
  • Work (to and from)
  • Business meetings
  • Day/Night Out (safer than driving if you plan to consume alcohol)
  • Drop off / Pick up your car (from the mechanic or rental)
  • Doctor appointments (to and from)
  • Family/Friend get togethers
  • Any ride for any reason!

With me, you have options. Three separate fares to choose from, one ride. Because I’m partnered with Uber and Lyft, as well as provide my own services, you can compare the fares and choose which to pay! Then get a ride from me using that service. Simple. If you prefer Uber or Lyft, we will both login to the app at the same time at pickup – at pickup you request the ride and I accept it on my end and begin the trip through Uber or Lyft. Alternatively, you could use my personal service and pay in a number of ways. If you like the idea of using an app to hail rides, my service is also hosted on an app similar to Uber and Lyft. More info below.

Service Info And Area

I’m partnered with Lyft and Uber, as well as provide my own rideshare services. All rides through Uber and Lyft must be paid through the app. If you prefer not to use Uber or Lyft, you may opt to use my service instead. If you need a ride during my service hours, and are getting a message that there are no drivers nearby (Uber/Lyft), send a text to 386-983-6415 or message me on Facebook or the page; we’ll then connect in the app when I arrive before the trip begins. You may also text or message me to schedule a pickup at a set time.

If you don’t have the Lyft app, use code TripsWithRed when you download and setup your account to save $5 Off a Lyft ride. (Our service/market area is through Jacksonville. It doesn’t matter what county you’re in, the market is Jacksonville. Don’t get discouraged when you see Jacksonville when signing up)

If you prefer Uber, I can pick you up anywhere in the stated service area below. If you don’t have Uber, use code RedC1894ui when creating your account to save on rides.


My services are 24/7. If you use my services for rides to/from work, I will  make your rides priority; but you must schedule ahead of time. 

  • Sunday-Saturday 24hrs (Please book ride as far ahead of time as possible. The other drivers and I could be anywhere in the service area at any time. The more time we have to get to you, the better.)
  • Holidays I will work most holidays. The following holidays are only through my personal service, and are fare plus $5 fee:
    • Easter
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas

I’m based in Crescent City, and service (accept rides) throughout:

  • Putnam County,
  • Alachua County,
  • Bradford County,
  • Clay County,
  • Saint John’s County,
  • Flagler County,
  • Volusia County,
  • Marion County

Destinations (drop-offs) may be to a county outside this area. Ride pickups outside this area I ask for a $30 tip added to the Lyft or Uber fare or $30 reservation fee for scheduled pickups sent to PayPal.me/RevDrRed (may use Credit/Debit; PayPal account not required) or Cash App – $RedConrad.

Reservation fees are non-refundable. Please be sure I accept your out-of-area pickup before sending me the reservation fee. Sending me the out-of-area fee will not lock me in. I MUST accept to be locked in. I factor in time, day, and other riders before accepting or denying out-of-area pickups. Wait for me to accept before sending the fee or you will lose the fee.

Covering the Palatka, Interlachen, and Keystone area of Putnam County, you may also contact Cynthia Snyder on Facebook for Uber or Lyft rides. Lake Como and surrounding area you may also contact Virginia Passmore on Facebook.

Prefer Rides Without Using Uber Or Lyft?

Want cheap rides but don’t want to use Uber or Lyft? Join me on RideConnect (*app download not required for service, see below note). My RideConnect Channel code is REDSRIDES. Get the app at http://just.rideconnect.it/now and then join my channel for easy ride scheduling. Through RideConnect, I have my own network and service Putnam County and all surrounding counties. Or simply text 386-983-6415.

My rate is $1.50/mile (ex: 20 miles = $30). If you’re going shopping and would like me to wait while you shop, there is an additional $10 wait fee for waits 30min and longer; $10/hr waiting. All fares must be paid at pickup or at time of scheduling/booking ride.

No ride is too short or too long. Where ever it is you need to go, I will get you there. 

I accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Circle Pay, Debit/Credit Card, and Cash. (I carry a mobile card reader so you may pay with your card at pickup.)

All pickups outside my stated service area must pay reservation fee as stated above in the Lyft/Uber section. All reservation fees for my personal services are to be paid upon my accepting the ride before pickup, you may pay via PayPal or Credit/Debit at PayPal.me/RevDrRed, or through the Cash App – $RedConrad.  I will not pickup without first having the reservation fee.

(*Note: You do NOT need to download the RideConnect app to use my services. The app just makes scheduling rides easier and organized. You could just as easy text, call, or message through Facebook. I am paid up front, not through the app.)

Get Discounted Service!

Use my RideConnect service for all your ride needs and your schedule will be my priority. You will also receive a locked in rate of 33% OFF (at current rate of $1.50/mile you pay only $1/mile). 

To receive this discount you must schedule all ride needs with me either through the RideConnect app (channel code REDSRIDES) or use the form below and check the RideConnect box. To keep the discount I must be the only service you use.

With Rideshare Red you get where you need to be on time every time and save money at the same time! Where else are you going to get such great service at these low low rates?

Schedule A Ride

I try to be 10-15 minutes early for all scheduled rides. You do not need to come out early unless you’re ready. I arrive early so you don’t have to worry about getting somewhere you need to be late. I will have you there on time, if not early. Text 386-983-6415 or email Red@RedConrad.com with the pickup info. Or fill out the form below:

Help Build Up Our Area (Crescent City, Putnam County):

If you have a vehicle and would like to earn an extra-income as a driver, download Lyft Driver and use code TeamWithRed or Uber Driver and use code RedC1894ui. Or join my RideConnect fleet.

There are a few Uber and Lyft drivers in the area, but many end up driving in other towns and cities. Help grow the area by joining up with Lyft or Uber. Don’t forget to use my codes Lyft: TeamWithRed and Uber: RedC1894ui when creating your account. After your account is created, contact me with your info, days, and hours you’ll be driving and I’ll add you to this page. If you’re already a local Uber or Lyft driver, and want to be added to this network, email me your info to Red@RedConrad.com.  Together we can grow the rideshare network in our area which will benefit everyone:

  • We earn giving rides
  • The riders benefit by getting where they need to go without needing to call a taxi/cab that costs more than they can afford


Growing a network of local Rideshare Drivers and Riders! Like us on Facebook and join the Facebook Group! Our Facebook group has a growing number of local drivers!

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