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Tired of the “pick up only” or no shopping ability on platforms like Instacart, DoorDash, etc, in South Putnam, and the limitation on places you can shop in North Putnam? Introducing a new shopping/delivery service that will allow you to shop ANY store (local or chain) through the Reds Delivery Services app. You now have MORE options to shop online then with InstaCart, DoorDash, etc and will typically be charged less. You will only be charged in-store prices and the Reds Delivery Services fee (a national average savings of of 20-30% compared to other platforms). Benefits to you include:

  • Saving money compared to what you now spend on InstaCart/DoorDash/etc (20-30% national average). NO markups. ALWAYS in-store prices.
  • Professional service and delivery from the same delivery driver on your schedule. No more relying on on-demand shoppers and waiting for your order to get picked up by a driver. 
  • All profits from using this service stay local and helps support the local economy.
  • More Options Where You Can Shop (compared to Instacart, DoorDash, etc)! If the store/restaurant is in Putnam County, you can shop it (if it’s not listed, use the “Pick-A-Store” option). 
  • Shop Multiple Stores. If your order consists of two or more stores, delivery fee will be waived on additional stores on the order; you only pay one delivery fee for entire order.
  • Pickup/Delivery Available. If you order direct from a store/restaurant website for a pickup order, we can deliver it. 
  • Package/Item Delivery. Need to send something to someone else? No problem! We do that too!
  • Order Delivery Same-Day/On-Demand Or Schedule Your Order Up To A Week In Advance! We work on your schedule.
  • Are you a business that sends items to other locations/businesses? We got you covered! You handle the important stuff, and we’ll handle your deliveries.

Reds Delivery Services, getting started, is hosted on and powered by the dumpling platform. To download the Reds Delivery Services app, visit or click the download button at the top or bottom of this page. App is available on Apple and Android. If you experience issues downloading and/or connecting to Reds Delivery Services, see FAQ #4.

I’m setting up the platform the best I can. As the platform continues building out, I’ll keep updating the app. But for most local shops that the host platform doesn’t yet list, you will need to use the “Pick A Store” option to enter it in and begin shopping.

  • Please include Address for store of choice
  • Restaurant pickup and delivery is under “Restaurant Pickup” in the app. For “Restaurant Pickup” you’ll be able to checkoff to have me/my team shop/order for you or state you already paid and submit order info so we know how to find your order.
  • If you shopped online and paid for a pickup order directly through a store app/website and just need delivery, you can use the “Delivery Only” option. Provide any order details my team may need to pick it up. 

Note: The  platform my service is hosted on is still new and may have kinks out of my control (developers are working on updates). If you experience any issues shopping in the app, you have a couple options:

  • Use the “Write in a custom item” feature, or
  • Create an order/list with what you can so we have something to work with. As long as you open an order with at least 1 item, we’ll be able to update/shop.  Then write/build your list on either AnyList (Android | Apple) or Out Of Milk (Android | Apple) and under list sharing, send the list to and we’ll update your order on our end in the Reds Delivery Services app. For help sharing your list, see FAQ #3.

The app will show national average prices. Don’t worry, you’ll only pay the in-store prices. The aggregated prices are just to give you an idea of what the total may be. The app is primarily for list making so the team knows what to pickup. You will only be charged the finalized total on in-store prices plus delivery fee.

If you plan to purchase alcohol or tobacco products, please view the Alcohol/Tobacco Deliveries page for terms of pickup/delivery.
For prescription pickup/delivery info, click here.

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Delivery Hours: Sun-Sat 9am-10pm
Shopping Hours:

  • Restaurants: Sun-Sat 8:30am-9:30pm
  • Stores: Sun-Sat 7am-9pm

Customer Service: Sun-Sat 7am-10pm

Delivery Windows:
The app provides default delivery windows for you to choose from. They are currently one hour blocks. Please choose an appropriate window based on the type and size of your order.

We will be available to shop before 9am. The 9am start of delivery time gives us time to get to the store when they open and shop your order so we can get it to you on time. When scheduling your order, please choose an appropriate delivery time/window for type and size of your order. 

If your order is pre-ordered from the restaurant, please provide any info needed to pick up the order. The delivery window is a platform default. This allows the option for you to schedule food pickup in advance. But you specify to us when you want your order.

If you choose to have us order your food for you, please allow time for the restaurant to prepare the food. It’s recommended to pre-order the food directly from the restaurant, then order pickup delivery from us so the food is ready when we get there; this also allows for quicker delivery time.

If you need assistance, you can contact Reds Delivery Services:

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  • Grocery Shopping/Delivery fee: 15% or minimum of $15
    • Walmart Shopping/Delivery fee: 20% or minimum of $20
  • Restaurant Pickup/Delivery fee: $12
  • Delivery Only fee: $15
  • Check out our Monthly Subscription Plans for savings (most plans are best suited for larger orders)

On “Restaurant Pickup” and “Delivery Only”, there is also a 5% platform fee. This is charged by our host, not us. The 5% platform fee only applies on “Restaurant Pickup” orders where you have us order the food for you; if you order direct from the restaurant and only order delivery from us, there is no platform fee. We cover all platform fees on grocery orders. For more information see FAQ #5 and the Reds Delivery Service Terms.

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All orders that are eligible for discounts, promotions, referrals will see the discounted price on the finalized receipt. When you place the order, you may still see the full fee; you will NOT pay full fee. It’s how the host platform is setup. Nothing is paid until order is fulfilled and any adjustments are made and finalized. Receipt you receive at delivery will show discounted fee and the accurate total price of your order. If a code was issued during a promotion/offer, type the code into the note section of your order.

To keep up with promotions, sales, and discounts be sure to “Like” our Facebook page and opt-in to our promotional text messages by sending “Reds” to 31996 or by clicking here1-10 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply. Terms & privacy:

Refer customers to Reds Delivery Services, send them to to download the app, and you qualify for rewards:

  1. Your referral creates a customer account: Save 5% OFF total delivery fee for your next delivery
  2. Your referral places their first order: Save 25% OFF total delivery fee for your next delivery 
  3. Your referral becomes a repeat customer (minimum of 5 orders placed): Get your next delivery FREE

That’s right, you can save three times on one referral! You will still see the set price at checkout, when you place your order. The discount will show when I go to shop your order and make the adjustment to the fee. You will see the fee adjustment on your final receipt after I shop your order.

Loyalty Rewards:
By choosing Reds Delivery Service as your preferred shopping/delivery service, you will be eligible for additional discounts, perks, and rewards! Check in-app messaging, and your email for time limited perks as they become available. Be sure to check our Facebook page often for announcements of new rewards, discounts, and contests. Discounts are savings off the delivery fee.

Discounts for meeting certain order numbers:

  • Place 10 orders through us and save 10% Off
  • Place 25 orders through us and save 25% Off
  • Place 50 orders through us and save 50% Off
  • Place 100 orders through us and your 100th delivery is FREE

Visit to download the app.  If you’re experiencing any issues downloading the app and being connected to my service, send the Facebook page a pm or email with your cell number and I’ll send you a direct invite link via text. See FAQ #4 for more info.

If you have digital coupons for the items and store you are shopping, add in the note section to use your coupons. Your phone number will be used for your coupons at checkout. 

Helping Others

Grocery Fund(s):
Do you know someone who may be in need of grocery assistance? We have a general grocery fund you can donate to, and we also have the option for you to donate groceries to a specific individual or family. Click here to visit the Grocery Fund page for info. The Grocery Fund strictly helps local individuals and families of Putnam County. All donations stay inside Putnam County. 

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Package/Parcel/Item Delivery

All package/item delivery, personal-to-personal, personal-to-business, business-to-personal, or business-to-business, is possible. In the Reds Delivery Services app, you would do the following:

  • Choose “Delivery Only” option
  • In “Create A Custom Item” mention what it is I’m picking up to deliver. Option to upload a photo is also available.
  • Go to your cart, in the notes section give the pickup address
  • Edit delivery address to the address where it’s being dropped off 

Personal-to-personal includes “swip swap” type deliveries where buyer can’t pickup and seller can’t deliver. See the “swip swap” terms in Reds Delivery Services terms for how this would work.

Alternative Option:

Alternatively, you could use the Roadie app. Roadie is a package delivery app. I’m not in control of the pricing, fees, etc. If you choose to use Roadie, send an email to with the request info. When I see your request, I’ll login at the time of your delivery to accept the request in the app and deliver the item where it needs to go. To download the Roadie app, click one of the following: Apple | Android

If you have any questions about the service:

For updates, check back often or “Like” the Reds Delivery Services Facebook page.

Know a business that may benefit from our delivery services? Send them to

If you may be interested in joining the Rideshare Red Delivery / Reds Delivery Services team, click here.

Are you a store/restaurant owner/manager? Find out how we can help you by clicking here!

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Interested in helping keep us on the road and moving?
We’re going to do our best to be sure we’re available 7 days a week to fulfill your orders. If you’d like to help ensure issues that arise won’t keep us down, you may donate to our maintenance fund. Every $1 helps. You have the option to opt for a one-time donation or monthly donations. These funds will help shoppers/drivers keep up with maintenance and repairs on their vehicles:

  • Oil changes 
  • Tune Ups
  • Routine/Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance, should it happen

so we can keep moving. By helping us keep our vehicles well maintained, you’re helping make sure every order can be delivered on time by your preferred shopper/delivery driver.

Bonus for donating to the fund:

  • Every $50 you donate gets you a free delivery, OR
  • Every $50 you donate gets you a free ride from Rideshare Red

Maintenance Fund To Keep Services Active


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