Helping Others Grocery Fund

The Grocery Funds strictly help individuals and families in Putnam County, FL only. 

To donate to the general fund, click here. The general fund helps people and families in need of groceries as the Reds Delivery Service team finds people in need, and as funds are available to do so. You’ll be able to opt to either do a one-time or monthly donation. To help a specific individual/family, see below.

Each time the general grocery fund reaches $300-500, the Reds Delivery Services team will do a surprise grocery delivery for an individual or family in need. If the team doesn’t already have an individual or family in mind, it will be announced on our Facebook page that we have a surprise grocery delivery coming up and will ask who may be in need at that time. An individual or family will be chosen by how in need they are, and if the issue can be confirmed. The team will be sure only those in need receive the donations. 

General Grocery Fund


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Do you know a specific individual or family in need of groceries you would like to help?

With the below form, you can choose to:

  • Ask we consider an individual/family as recipient(s) of the ‘General Grocery Fund’
  • Donate directly to the individual/families grocery needs (using the donate button below the form)
    • May include a grocery list if you know foods/brands they like
  • Both of the above options

Fill out the below form with your information, the families/individuals information; and leave a donation via the button below the form, to help them cover the cost, if you’re donating. Please be sure to include the $15 delivery fee. If the donation won’t cover the entire list, please put the items in order from most important to least important. You’ll be able to opt to either do a one-time or monthly donation for the individual/family; if you opt monthly, please update the list any month items may be different or the same list will be shopped/delivered each month. Please state a delivery time when the recipient will be home to accept delivery.

If you opting to ask we consider them to be recipients of the General Grocery Fund, please understand general fund deliveries are only made as the fund has enough funds in it to do so. If they are in immediate need, please also consider using the below donation button to donate specifically to the individual/family you are mentioning.

Help Others Get Groceries


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