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Are you a store/restaurant owner, manager, or franchisee?

Want more customers? How about adding a pickup/delivery service? All FREE to you? Here’s how it would work:

  • You advertise our services to your customers
  • We advertise we do Pickup/Delivery for your store/restaurant and add your logo to the ‘Delivery From….’ page

It’s that simple! NO platform fees or commissions like DoorDash, UberEats, Instacart, etc charges. The way our platform is setup, customers can already choose to have the Reds Delivery Services team deliver from your location. So why not take advantage of that to grow customers?

Benefits to your business:

  • Potential increase in sales from current customers through delivery
  • New customers 
  • A pickup/delivery service that is FREE to you! That means NO payroll, platform fees, commission fees, or other expenses. Just an exchange of advertising. Simply tell your customers to visit or to download the app!
    • Already have a delivery team? Keep us on standby for those extra busy times.
  • No extra software, tablets, etc
  • Get showcased on the “Delivery From…” page

Through the Reds Delivery Services app, your customers have the option to:

  • Say they already ordered and paid for their food and just want it picked up and delivered, or 
  • Ask that we place the order for them upon arrival and deliver.

When your customers place their pickup order through the app, they will provide any info we need to pick up their order. Absolutely no setup needed on your end. All we need from you is to know if you have a designated pickup area.

It’s hard enough running a small business and competing with the larger chains. Why pay fees for a service that may take months or more to pay for themselves, if at all? More importantly, why decide to not offer a service simply because of high fees? With Reds Delivery Services, you can offer delivery to your customers without worrying about platform fees, markups on your products, etc. It’s a win/win for you and your customers! You get an extra revenue stream, and customers get to order through delivery. 

Before you ask why we’re doing this free to you, the answer was already stated. But put simply, the more mutual customers we have, the more we both earn. There’s no reason to charge you unnecessary fees for using us as your delivery service; we’re not the “other guys”. A community that works together, grows together.

This service is available to any business located in Putnam County that sells products/goods:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants 
  • Convenient Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Auto part stores
  • Etc

Service/Partnership FAQ’S

1. Is there any setup on the store/restaurant end?
At this time, no. The customers have two options:

  • Order directly through you, and then order delivery through us providing order info for seamless pickup,
  • Have us shop/place the order for them upon arrival at your business

Everything is handled by the customer and how they choose to have it done. Our current platform doesn’t offer a service yet where the customer can place the order through us and you’re notified before we get there. As it’s a new platform, the option/feature may roll out in the future; or we may outgrow this platform and migrate to one who does offer the feature. At such time, you will be notified and have the option to either utilize the software/app for your business end or keep doing things as stated above. 

2. Can delivery be ordered through the business?
Any business can download the customer app and order delivery for a customer. You’ll need to add a note to the order with the customers info, and your business will be charged the delivery fee; so you may want to add the fee onto the customers bill (currently $15).
Or you can simply tell your customer to visit or to download our app and order delivery themselves (recommended). (They must download the app through our direct link to be connected to our service)

If you’re using us as a standby to in-house delivery, it’s up to you if you want to have the customer order delivery through us or if you’re going to have your team place the delivery order through your business.

3. If my business isn’t paying you any commissions or platform fees, who is?
That’s the beauty of working with us! We cover ALL platform fees, we view fees for our platform as a business expense. As such, we feel it wrong to push it on to clients and customers. There are absolutely no platform fees or other hidden fees paid by you or your customers. As we stated above, a community that works together, grows together. Unlike platforms such as Instacart and DoorDash, we believe it to wrong to markup your products or charge you fees/commissions to bring your customers delivery services. We believe in strengthening our community and economy.

4. Can my business request specific delivery drivers?
Yes. As the team grows, you may request specific drivers to do pickup at your location. If specific drivers are requested, the only time a different driver will show is when that driver was chosen by the customer or if chosen driver(s) aren’t on duty. If you’d like to refer someone to drive on our team and request them for your location, you can send them to to submit an application.

For more info, or to join the advertising exchange, send an email to or

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