I offer my time to perform tasks/errands you don’t have time to do. All tasks information, payment, etc is handled through the TaskRabbit platform. You can view my profile and select me to perform a task by clicking here. For now the tasks I offer are simple errands and shopping. View my page to see complete info and my rates. If it shows I’m unavailable, email Red@RedConrad.com and I’ll update the schedule. 

For purposes of the platform, the Jacksonville area is highlighted. And many days are left blank. I’m mostly open. So if you need a task done and either don’t see availability for the day/time or you’re outside the Jacksonville area, send a text to 386-983-6415, email Red@RedConrad.com, or message the Rideshare Red page on Facebook with the details (task, day and time).

For shopping, I will not make any upfront purchases. All expenses must be made in advance either to my PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. Any unused shopping funds may go towards payment of my services. Any overages will reimbursed back into your PayPal or Cash App account. Alternatively, you could shop through Reds Delivery Services.

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