I offer my time to perform tasks/errands you don’t have time to do. All tasks information, payment, etc is handled through the TaskRabbit platform. You can view my profile and select me to perform a task by clicking here. For now the tasks I offer are simple errands and shopping. View my page to see complete info and my rates. If it shows I’m unavailable, email Red@RedConrad.com and I’ll update the schedule. 

For purposes of the platform, the Jacksonville area is highlighted. And many days are left blank. I’m mostly open. So if you need a task done and either don’t see availability for the day/time or you’re outside the Jacksonville area, send a text to 386-983-6415, email Red@RedConrad.com, or message the Rideshare Red page on Facebook with the details (task, day and time).

Shopping services are now through my delivery service, Red’s Delivery Services™. Visit the Red’s Delivery Services website at RedsDeliveryServices.com for information on the services offered.

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